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Vivid Vision

At optometry@cooroy we are the only location on northern Sunshine Coast to offer the Vivid Vision virtual reality vision training system.  

We were also the first optometry practice in Australia to offer the digital vision therapy platform EYEBAB. For more information on EYEBAB.
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What is Vivid Vision?
Vivid Vision is the latest technology for the treatment of amblyopia, strabismus & other binocular vision problems.  
At optometry@cooroy we are proud to be one of approximately 300 practices worldwide that provide the Vivid Vision VR training system.
It utilises cutting edge virtual reality hardware & specifically designed software as an adjunct to our office & home-based vision therapy in the most advance treatment system to treat lazy eye.  It allows our patients to immerse themselves within a virtual reality environment. It is designed to motivate both children & adults patients & improve their visual skills through games & tests that are fun.
Vivid Vision is designed to let your optometrist monitor & control many aspects of your experience live while manipulating your visual experience to correct visual disfunctions & improve visual skills.
For less complex cases, for patients who can't make it into the practice as often as ideal, or as an adjunct or follow-up treatment, there is now Vivid Vision Home.
Vivid Vision Home
Vivid vision Office
Vivid Vision Home
Vivid Vision Office
What is involved?
The patient wears an Oculus Rift VR headset to immerse them into a computer generated virtual environment. A variety of fun games in which the patient interacts within the virtual environment are played. These games sound just like play but they have in fact been expertly designed to provide stimulation to improve how the patients eyes see and work together.
Each game is designed to target different visual issues, so the optometrist with prescribe the games best suited to a patient's individual needs.   The optometrist can directly monitor the patient's performance & manipulate various aspects of the games to select the visual information that each eye receives according to the patient's progress.

62 Maple Street
Cooroy Qld 4563
Ph:   07 5442 5555
Ph:   07 5442 5555
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