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You might be surprised that we allow around 45 minutes for your first eye examination with us and up to 1 hour for your children.
As an independent optometry practice we are able to set our own scheduling to enable us to take the time to get to know you, your concerns and needs.  If your needs are particularly complex then a second appointment may be required to be scheduled. You will not have to feel rushed and you will know that a thorough assessment has been performed.
Regular comprehensive visual examinations are recommended at least every three years and more often for the elderly or where there are particular eye health or vision concerns. This is important to assess both your vision and the health of your eyes.
Our examination process has changed dramatically over the years both in response to new research and treatment protocols as well as to take advantage of new instrumentation available. Our patients often comment that there are more tests involved these days as well as more  “fancy equipment” being used.
Our Services Include:
○ Comprehensive eye examinations
Paediatric eye examinations
Behavioural Optometry
○ Contact Lens Consultations & Fitting
Corneal 3D Topography
Dry Eye Assessments & Treatment
Blephasteam Treatment & Lid Expression
○ Visual Field Assessment
Optomap Ultra-wide Field Retinal Imaging
Retinal Photography
Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) for macula & glaucoma assessment
Visual Information Processing Assessment
Readalyzer Eye Tracking Assessment
Colorimetry Assessment for Visual Stress / Meares-Irlen Syndrome
Vision Therapy
○ AND OUR MOST RECENT ADDITIONS - VIVID VISION virtual reality vision therapy system & EYEBAB digital vision therapy platform

62 Maple Street
Cooroy Qld 4563
Ph:   07 5442 5555
Ph:   07 5442 5555
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