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Eyes, Body And Brain

The cooperation between the eyes, body & brain forming the basis for a perfectly functioning visual system is reflected in the name EYEBAB. Combining traditional functional optometric methods with the latest digital tools.

optometry@cooroy was the first location in Australia to offer the EYEBAB vision training system.

We also offer the revolutionary virtual reality vision training program Vivid Vision. For more information on Vivid Vision.
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What is EYEBAB?
optometry@cooroy is proud to have been the first optometry practice in Australia to be licenced to offer the latest digital vision therapy platform EYEBAB as part of our vision therapy repertoire.  We are finding EYEBAB to be a excellent & innovative platform jam-packed with activities delivered in an exciting, motivating & convenient way.  
EYEBAB is an online-based program which, in addition to our more traditional activities for which there is still an important role, allows our patients to train visual skills such as eye movements & visual information processing skills at home on virtually any device be it desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile. The platform is compatible with Windows, IOS, Android & Linux.
EYEBAB is also designed to let the optometrist allocate specific activities or games when the patient is ready. The optometrist can remotely monitor their home performance from the convenience of our office. We are finding the program a great addition to our vision therapy programs.
EYEBAB can be used on most devices
What is involved?
Our patients purchase a subscription from us to use the EYEBAB digital platform which they can then access from a browser on their device be it a desktop computer, laptop computer, tablet or ipad or mobile phone.  Most activities are best performed on either a computer or tablet / ipad however. Touch screens can be an advantage for some activities but are not essential.  Internet access is essential for EYEBAB.
The optometrist will also provide extra equipment (for loan or purchase) such as 3D red & blue or red & green glasses should these be required to train eye teaming functions while performing the activities.
An individualised program of activities will be programmed by the optometrist for each patient to be unlocked for the patient's use as prescribed in a developmental sequence specifically for the individual's requirements.  The optometrist can also directly monitor the patient's performance & will prescribe various aspects of each prescribed activities according to the patient's progress.
Eyebab Tool Kit
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Ph:   07 5442 5555
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