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Contact Lenses

At optometry@cooroy we offer a full range of disposable & non-disposable contact lenses including the latest technology available.  
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For full-time wear, part-time wear or only occasional use, for sports, social occasions and holidays—contact lenses are an ideal alternate to spectacle wear for individuals of all ages from children to adults, female and male.
Whether you are shortsighted, longsighted, astigmatic or presbyopic, we will usually be able to provide you with a lens to suit your lifestyle and budget. If you’ve always wanted to try contact lenses but weren’t sure if they were for you, or if you’ve tried before without success, this just might be the time to try again.  
Contact lenses,  including coloured lenses (even if they aren't worn to correct your vision), should only be dispensed by an optometrist. As a medical device, contact lenses required proper fitting, instruction and follow-up care.
Daily Disposable Contact Lenses
Daily disposable lenses are the ultimate in maintenance free contact lenses, arguably a more healthy contact lens modality and are discarded after each wear. Daily disposable are suitable for even more prescriptions than ever before including the newest lens materials and even multifocal lens designs particularly for the over 40’s.
We can also fit daily disposable contact lenses to some children who are myopic (short-sighted) for the purpose of myopia control.

Daily Wear Contact Lenses
Daily wear contact lenses are available in fortnightly and monthly replacement options. They are cleaned after each wear with specifically prescribed contact lens cleaning regimens. We also stock premium Hydrogen Peroxide contact lens cleaning products.

Extended Wear Contact Lenses
Extended wear contact lenses offer the freedom and flexibility of not always having to remove your lenses and may be slept in on occasion or, depending on the advice of your optometrist, can be worn continuously for up to 29 nights. Our optometrists can advise on your suitability.

Multifocal Contact Lenses
Multifocal contact lenses have greatly improved recently and are much more likely to be successful than previous styles. They are designed to provide clarity of vision at differing distances as required particularly for the over 40’s. They are now available in daily, fortnightly, monthly and custom lens types. Our optometrists can advise on your suitability.  
We also use specific multifocal contact lenses for myopic children to assist with myopia control.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) lenses are specialty contact lenses which offer vision correction while you sleep. Ortho-K is particularly suitable for low degrees of myopia (short-sightedness). For more information on Ortho-K click here.
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Ph:   07 5442 5555
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