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Coloured Lenses

At optometry@cooroy we are the only location on the Sunshine Coast to offer Intuitive Colorimetry services for the prescription of precision coloured spectacle lenses.
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What is Intuitive Colorimetry?
The INTUITIVE COLORIMETER was developed by Professor Arnold Wilkins and the Medical Research Council in the United Kingdom and is fully supported by research studies and peer reviewed controlled trials.
It is used under the direction of an Optometrist to logically and sequentially explore colour space to find the optimal Precision Tint for the relief of perceptual distortion in VISUAL STRESS.
During the assessment, the instrument independently changes the 3 parameters of colour, hue, saturation and brightness while the eyes are colour adapted. This will give a final colour which is extremely precise to each individuals needs.
The colour will be different for each person and the precision coming from a choice of over 100,000 colour combinations is now available. This colour will be delivered as Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses.

What is Visual Stress?
This is a condition also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome.
Visual Stress refers to reading difficulties, light sensitivity and headaches from exposure to disturbing visual patterns. The symptoms can occur despite normal vision and can affect reading fluency, concentration and comprehension and cause rapid fatigue.
It is thought that around 5% of the population are severely affected by visual stress and up to 20% to a lesser degree.
Symptoms of Visual Stress may include:
○ movement of print
○ blurring of print
○ letters changing shape or size
○ letters fading or becoming darker patterns appearing, sometimes described as “worms” or “rivers” running through print
○ illusions of colour – blobs of colour on the page or colours surrounding letters or words
○ rapid tiring
○ headache or eyestrain
Signs of Visual Stress may include:
○ moving closer to or away from page
○ becoming restless
○ using finger as a marker
○ skipping words and lines
○ rubbing eyes and blinking excessively
○ low self esteem
Visual Stress MIGHT occur in the following conditions:
○ Dyslexia
○ Dyspraxia
○ Photosensitive Migraine
○ Photosensitive Epilepsy
○ Autism
○ Head Injuries
○ Multiple Sclerosis
How long does a colorimetry assessment take?
The assessment procedure allows the tint to be selected efficiently in around 30 minutes.
However firstly a full comprehensive visual examination is performed (taking up to 60 minutes) & should Colorimetry assessment be indicated this is scheduled for a separate visit. If we don’t find a colour to be indicated we won’t prescribe a tint.
How much does a colorimetry assessment cost?
The cost of an Intuitive Colorimetry assessment is not covered by Medicare or Private Health Funds and also does not include the cost of Precision Tinting of lenses should tinting be indicated. A claim might be made for the lenses & tinting with your Private Health Fund should you have extras coverage.
Please feel free to ask our staff about the current costs of Colorimetry assessment and Cerium Precision Lens Tinting.
62 Maple Street
Cooroy Qld 4563
Ph:   07 5442 5555
Ph:   07 5442 5555
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